The Magic of Acupuncture with Mital Khatri

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

I have long been a huge proponent of acupuncture.  I’ve been getting weekly treatments for the last 2 years, and consider it an absolutely necessary part of my self-care and holistic health.  I recommend it to so many of clients for so many different ailments, and have seen some pretty fantastical levels of improvement in both myself and those I work with.

I sat down with acupuncturist and RN, Mital Khatri, my friend and fellow holistic practitioner at Ethos Collective Wellness, to help demystify that magic that is acupuncture and answer some common questions I hear from clients and readers.  Mital specializes in helping her clients to restore balance in their bodies, and also in the natural anti-aging benefits of acupuncture!  A non-toxic, non-invasive alternative to injectables and cosmetic surgery?  I am SO in!

Mital-KhatriMost of us know by now that acupuncture does amazing things for health concerns like pain, fatigue, mood, fertility, and digestive issues. But it still seems like a magic trick!  How exactly does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture does work like magic!  Let me try to demystify it for you.  Acupuncture is so effective because it works both on the energetic and physical level.  There are meridians, or pathways of energy flowing through the body.  Sometimes energy can get blocked up or get too low in some areas and high in others, leading to pain or other disorders.  An acupuncturist inserts fine, sterilized needles into strategic places along these meridians to return the flow to normal, bringing the body back to health and balance.  From a physical standpoint, acupuncture works to relieve constriction in muscles and tissues.

What else can it do for our health and wellness that may be surprising?

I will share a few of my favorite and surprising experiences treating people with acupuncture.  One pregnant patient came for acupuncture to induce labor because she was passed her due date.  She went into labor 3 hours after the treatment!  Another woman came to me who had chronic pain after her C-section from 9 years ago.  Along with working on her meridians, I treated her scar with acupuncture scar therapy, and she had a 70% reduction in her chronic pain.  Perhaps the most unexpected was a woman who came in for stress reduction.  Her lab values in her blood work were skewed showing problems with her liver enzymes and white blood cell counts.  After a month of regular treatment, the lab values came back normal.

That’s amazing!! You also offer acupuncture for beauty and anti-aging, which can be a powerful addition to our arsenal of products, tips, and tricks to keep our skin firm, glowing, and lovely.  Tell us about how acupuncture can help.

I love all things related to beauty and self care, so I was ecstatic to learn cosmetic acupuncture.  It works first by treating the body because good health is the first step to radiant skin.  Once the body needles are in and the energy is flowing smoothly, needles are placed into strategic places on the scalp and face to energetically lift the face.  The needles also create micro-traumas, encouraging the body to send collagen and elastin to mend the skinCosmetic acupuncture is a completely natural and drug free anti-aging method.  Unlike Botox or fillers, it targets the entire face, not just certain regions, while improving your overall health.

How effective is the acupuncture face lift?

All I can say is that my clients love it!  They report many positive changes in their skin, including improved firmness, smoothness, tone, and brightness.  Generally their friends start complimenting them and asking them for their secret!  A few unexpected results were clients reporting a widening in the appearance of their eyes, more symmetry in their face, and decrease in the jowls.  Since cosmetic acupuncture is an energetic medicine, everyone has different results and a different rate for seeing them.  The key to success is committing to health and beauty by keeping to the treatment schedule, which is twice weekly for five weeks.

Tell us a bit about what you call esoteric acupuncture.

Esoteric acupuncture works on the the emotional and spirit level.  It is used to balance the chakras and bring the energy into greater alignment so that the recipient can have a clearer connection to spirit.  Clients usually report feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful after esoteric acupuncture.  If the client is ready, major positive emotional shifts can occur because it works on the spirit level.

Is acupuncture good for everybody?  Is there anyone for whom its not recommended?

Acupuncture is good for everybody!  Each treatment is modified based on the patient’s age and health status.  Acupuncture can treat babies at 6 months of age, all the way up to the elderly.  If a client has an extreme fear of needles, it’s best to tell the acupuncturist so she can provide emotional support and initially limit the number of needles.

How did you get into acupuncture?  Whats your story?

When I was a teenager, I had severe cystic acne.  No amount of topicals or dermatology visits could get rid of it, so my mom took me to an Ayurvedic doctor.  Under her care I learned about the different elements we have in our body, and how to keep them in balance with diet and herbs.  I followed a rigorous dietary and herbal program, and my skin got better!  I initially wanted to become an Ayurvedic practitioner, but went to nursing school first to get some Western background.  In nursing school, I tried acupuncture for stress relief, and I was like, this is it!  I fell in love with acupuncture and became completely fascinated by how tiny needles could make such a big impact on balancing the elements and meridians within us.  I liked that acupuncture provided relief and healing as people gradually change their lifestyles, so all of the responsibility is not on them to comply with a rigorous program.  After two years of doing nursing full time, I went for my masters in acupuncture.

Can you share with us some of your other favorite tips, tricks, or products for looking and feeling amazing?

I would say having a clean diet (especially low in sugar) and sleeping 8 hours at night are the foundation to looking and feeling amazing.  On top of that, I love using organic extra virgin coconut oil in my beauty regime.  I rub it into my scalp and put it in my hair once a week for deep conditioning, which keeps my hair silky and healthy while accelerating its growth.  I also lather it on my skin after a shower for all-natural moisture and glow.  Additionally, I’m a big fan of using a natural lavender infused salt scrub a couple times per week.  Not only does it exfoliate the skin and keep it baby soft, it cleans the body energetically of negativity as well.

Clean eating, lots of sleep, coconut oil and lavender salt scrubs?  This is a girl after our own heart!  You can learn more about Mital and her practice online at Rhythm Acupuncture.

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