The Drinking Mirror App: See the Future You

By Callie McBride

Wondering if that third glass of wine from last night will show up on your face later in life? Guess what-there’s an app for that.


The government organization “Drink Smarter” has created a new app for iPhone and Android users that allows them to upload a recent photograph of themselves and, with a few taps on the keyboard, get a glimpse of what they will look like down the road with too much alcohol consumption. The purpose of the app, as well as the group itself, is to promote “sensible drinking” and to decrease the negative effects that drinking often has on one’s body. According to Drink Smarter, women should have 2-3 units (a standard glass of wine) daily of alcohol, and men should have 3-4 daily units (roughly a pint and one half of beer).

Failure to follow the recommended guidelines can lead to serious health concerns, including weight gain and skin problems, and even high blood pressure and chronic liver disease. Yuck.

Enter the “Drinking Mirror” App: a funny and handy tool that allows you to see how dropping a glass size could improve your overall appearance ten years from now.
You may be shocked once you try the app out for yourself and see what you may look like later on. Inevitably our bodies and faces change with age; laugh lines, wrinkles, and a few sun spots are all welcome signs of happiness and enjoyment in life. But if we are able to erase any signs of too much alcohol consumption by simply remaining aware of our drinking amount, and perhaps dropping a glass per week, we could do wonders for our features, as well as our entire functioning body.

There is a web version available as well, which lets you instantly peek into the future of your face. Try it out today for a laugh, but realize how serious alcohol over-consumption can be. So ladies, gents, kick back and relax with a glass or two, but stop after that. Your 60-year old self with thank you wide a bright-eyed wink.


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