Get That Body Moving.. In just 15 min a day!

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

One of the biggest reasons (excuses?) I hear for why people can’t work out regularly is TIME. Finding time to work out can be a challenge if you think of it as working out.  It’s a chore.  A bother.  Something to fit in.

What if instead of working out, you were simply making room for moving your body in a way that feels phenomenal, energizing, amazing?  What if this movement made you look and feel awesome in your body, and it was actually FUN for you to do?  What if it only took a time commitment of 15 minutes a day?  Would you do it then?

I imagine you would.

Who doesn’t want to look and feel amazing, and have fun doing it, right?

Well, this isn’t another fad or scheme.  This is just about you finding what feels good.

I used to drag myself to group fitness classes I hated, and force myself to get through cardio videos at home that made me miserable.  Working out was a punishment.  It was something I had to do OR ELSE.

Then I said screw it.  I decided that I would only do forms of movement that I love, and that feel amazing.  For me, that’s yoga, Pilates, and ballet/barre workouts.  I love those. I always feel more elegant, beautiful and slender.  I never feel drained or miserable, or like I’m punishing myself.

And guess what?  Once I decided to stop making myself do workouts I hated, and only did those I love, I found that I was moving my body more often, getting into awesome shape, and feeling phenomenal.

Now, I CRAVE my favorite forms of movement.  If I skip a few days, I feel it in my bones.  Not in a holy-crap-I’m-going-to-get-fat panicked way, but in a my-body-misses-feeling-amazing way.  And I’ll tell you what, that is some killer motivation.

Even if I don’t have time for a full yoga class (and lately, I don’t), I make a point of moving my body in the morning for at least 15 minutes, 5 days a week.  The other days, I’m out biking or walking or doing something else physical.  I never feel like I’m working out, and I never feel the pressure or weight of something I have to do.

So my advice is this: find what movement moves you, and do that, for just 15 minutes a day.

To help you along, I’ve created a YouTube playlist with a whole bunch of different workouts, all of them anywhere from 10-20 minutes long.

Check out my Youtube Playlist of Quick Awesome Movement!


—> For all you yoga lovers out there… Here are my playlists for Relaxing and Energizing Yoga routines you can do anytime!

—> For you total beginners, here’s my playlist for Beginner Movement!

—> Need some more help figuring out what kinds of movement you’d love?  Check out my article, What’s Your Exercise Personality? 


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